A family photoshoot at Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens is a stunning garden location located in the heart of Melbourne that offers a beautiful backdrop for a family photoshoot. With its lush trees, colourful flowers, and ornate fountains, this location provides a variety of beautiful settings for capturing lasting family memories.

Here’s some of the reasons why Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne’s CBD is one of my favourite family photoshoot locations…

Beautiful scenery: The Fitzroy Gardens offer a picturesque setting with its beautiful gardens and natural surroundings. The gardens are well-manicured and provide a stunning backdrop for your family photoshoot.

five young boys sit together on the marble steps of the convervatory in Fitzroy gardens, melbourne

Variety of backdrops: The gardens provide a variety of different backdrops for your photos, from the ornate fountains and statues to the lush trees and colourful flowers. This provides plenty of opportunities to capture unique and diverse family portraits. My favourite spot is the conservatory, both indoors and outdoors. The exterior of the building is spanish-style and a beautiful pinky-tan colour. There’s bench seats, curving arch detailing and marble steps which all make stunning back-drops for photographs. Inside, the light is soft and flattering and the garden is lush green with pops of colour.

A couple have a quiet moment and kiss inside the conservatory at Fitzroy gardens. They's surrounded by lush greenery and pops of red flowers.

Accessibility: Fitzroy Gardens is located in the heart of Melbourne, making it easily accessible for families who live in or are visiting the city. It’s a great location for families who want a beautiful setting for their photoshoot without having to travel far. There is paid parking all around the perimeter of the park, and all paths throughout the gardens are paved and wide making it wheelchair accessible.

A couple embrace and smile for the camera in front of large windows

Family-friendly: Fitzroy Gardens is a family-friendly location with plenty of space for children to run and play. This makes it an ideal location for families with young children who may need breaks or distractions during the photoshoot.

4 young boys run around together on the grass at fitzroy gardens

Seasonal changes: The gardens change with the seasons, offering different colours and textures throughout the year. This provides an opportunity to capture your family’s photoshoot in a variety of different settings, depending on the time of year.

A family share a joke during a family photoshoot on the steps of the conservatory at Fitzroy gardens Melbourne

Fitzroy Gardens is a beautiful and picturesque location that offers many benefits for a family photoshoot. The gardens’ stunning scenery, variety of backdrops, accessibility, family-friendly atmosphere, seasonal changes, and professional photography services make it an ideal choice for families who want to capture beautiful and lasting memories with their loved ones.

If you’d like to schedule your own family photoshoot at the Fitzroy Gardens (or anywhere in Melbourne) get in touch using the link below, I’d love to chat about your ideas!


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