Winter fashion trends for your photoshoot

Winter offers a wonderful backdrop for family photographs with gorgeous moody skies, frosty mornings and ethereal light. Winter shoots also mean that golden hour is suddenly more achievable with shorter days creating much earlier sunsets. No need to keep the kids up past their bedtime, yay! If you’re planning a winter photoshoot, it’s important to curate an outfit that’s warm, comfortable and stylish. I love winter fashions with cosy layers, chunky knitwear, lots of texture, beanies and boots. To inspire you in planning your outfits for your winter shoot, I’ve compiled some of my favourite trends this season.

Wide-legged pants

Is anyone else wondering how on earth we ever wore skinny jeans? After recently converting to the wide-legged pants trend, I certainly am! This style of pants is such a great option for your photoshoot. The comfort factor is oh-so-important during a shoot to ensure you’re able to move freely and engage with your kids. The high-waist creates shape and elongates the leg, making them an incredibly flattering style. Hot tip – keep an eye out for pairs that have elastic waistbands or a stretch fabric. SO comfortable but look amazing on.

Denim Dresses

Effortless and timeless, a denim dress is the perfect smart-yet-casual option for a family photoshoot. I can’t think of any location (home, park, beach, garden…) where this outfit would look out of place. There are so many styles around at the moment, many of which are cinched in at the waist or belted which is great for creating shape. A denim dress is such a classic, you can’t really go wrong!

Knitwear, knitwear, knitwear

Knitwear is a fabulous way to include some texture in your photos while also keeping toasty and warm. One trend I’m loving this season are slouchy turtle-necks. These just exude cosiness and the idea of snuggling in on a cold day. Another slightly more dressy style is the off-the-shoulder knit. This paired with a simple pair of jeans is a classic look which is the perfect balance between dressed up and relaxed. Knit dresses are a great option, especially for maternity shoots as they’re often figure hugging, which is perfect for showing off your gorgeous bump.

Natural tones

When choosing colours for your winter photoshoot outfits, earthy tones work exceptionally well. Earthy tones like beige, chocolate, and olive blend seamlessly with the winter landscape, creating a stunning natural aesthetic. They’re also SO versatile as they work with just about any other colour – great when you have a large group of people coming to your shoot. Natural colours are also great for kids outfits as they are much more forgiving if they get marked (in saying that, always bring a second outfit just in case!). Other colours that seem to be everywhere this season are burnt orange, plum and baby blue. Don’t be afraid to include darker colours or even black in your outfits too.


I’ve mentioned texture earlier when discussing knitwear, but texture goes so much further than this! Corduroy is well and truly back in (I remember I had a pair of baby-blue, bootleg cords when I was 10 years old and they were/maybe still are my fav pants ever) so I’m absolutely delighted cord is back. Think pants, jackets, overalls… anything goes! Other gorgeous wintery fabrics to look out for are tweed and leather. Play around with layering different textures to add dimension to your photos and for extra warmth.

Chunky boots

Practical yet so on trend! It sounds boring but practical and comfy is actually so important for your shoot, especially if it’s outdoors. During your shoot we may move around to explore different areas and I’ll probably encourage you to run around and play with your kids. During winter the ground is almost always soft, so having a boot that looks incredible with your outfit but is also easy to get around in wins every time.

Coats, beanies & scarves

Obviously for warmth, but also for the ability to easily have an outfit change, without actually having an outfit change. By taking off your coat or adding a colourful scarf you can completely change your look, which will give you more variety in the shots, resulting in more photographs.

What about the kids?

All of the aforementioned trends work well for kids and baby outfits too. Overalls, chunky knitwear, denim, pinafores, boots and beanies are all winners!

And for the men…

Similar to the above, knitwear, texture, corduroy, natural tones. Chinos are always great pant options that come in a variety of colours too.

As always, the most important thing is to ensure you and your family are comfortable and the clothing choices reflect who you are as a family. This is article is just a fun guide to inspire you as I know winter outfits can be tricky. You definitely do not need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, play around with what you have and lastly, keep it simple.


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