What to wear for your family photoshoot

Once a client has booked their family photoshoot, this is usually the first question they ask, and for good reason! Family photography is an investment that will last a lifetime so it’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable and looking their best. 

For this featured shoot, Debbie guided her family by suggesting a colour palette of baby blues, sage green, cream and white and the result is gorgeous! The styling is casual and smart using natural textures such as linen, cotton and wool, perfect for a family photoshoot at home in Melbourne.

Here’s my top tips for what to wear to your shoot:

Wear what makes you feel comfortable

It’s so important, especially for little ones, that they feel comfortable in the clothes they’re wearing. Consider clothes that allow them to move freely and be themselves (and the same goes for the adults too!)

Natural and neutral tones

Natural and neutral tones photograph beautifully and work well in just about any environment. A natural colour palette is also a great option for larger groups to keep the photos looking cohesive. Think whites, cream, beige, browns, greens and navy. 

Bold colours and patterns

Carefully consider bold patterns, large logos and bright colours. We want you and your family to be the focus of the photos and these fashions can often draw attention away. In saying that… if bold colours and patterns are totally you, then go for it!! 

Coordinating outfits

Steer away from too matchy-matchy such as everyone wearing white tees paired with jeans. Instead select a colour palette as a general guide and go from there. Everyone looking exactly the same can be a bit much, but having some coordination in the colours is divine.

The little details

Do a final check of hair ties on wrists, bulky items in pockets, food on little faces, footwear (yes, it will be in the shots!), bra straps and tags showing. These things can leave you disappointed if they go unnoticed. 

Let the weather and location be your guide

Let the weather and location guide your choices. For cooler months think layers and texture. For warmer months linens and cottons are always stunning. Outdoors locations such as a park or beach call for clothing that allows you and your kids to runs around freely and sit comfortably on a picnic blanket. In your home, cosy and comfortable clothing works best.

And lastly, there’s absolutely no need to go out and buy new outfits for the entire family, though it’s a fab excuse to go shopping if you want to!! Above all else, please don’t let the outfit choices stress you – just keep it simple and you can’t go wrong.

For more outfit inspiration for your photoshoot check out my gallery.

Also, here’s a few of my fav shops and brands if you do decide to go shopping!


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